Hi, my name is Atty!! Cosplayer and fangirl at your service. This is primarily a gaming/anime blog at the moment. My current OTP of life is Sinja and I will post a lot of it. There's lots of Magi the Labyrinth of Magic and Final Fantasy and Attack on Titan and Kingdom Hearts and yaoi to be found here. Also things I find funny. Or pretty. Or sometimes how I feel about certain political issues. Please be aware of that and scroll past if you disagree. :D

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I hope everyone out there is feeling better than me, and big shout out to my friends because you guys are awesome and I hope you get everything in life you wanted short of the really bad illegal stuff and wow you guys just rock my socks.  Sorry if I am having problems keeping in touch with some of you since school started, but know I read your messages and usually just wanna wait til I have the energy to spaz about how awesome you are okay



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